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Step 1 - Finding Your Audience

You have an amazing video, now it’s time to show it to the world. Your assigned social media expert has up to date knowledge of the best practices for online advertising.

We work with you to find which platform will best connect your business to your audience.

From there, we’ll develop a detailed demographic of where your target audience lies.

Step 2 - The Ad

Once we collectively identify your brand’s best platform and target audience, we move on to the ad.

The creative is 70% of it, and we’ve already taken care of that with your captivating video. Next is the ad copy. The ad copy is designed to get the reader to respond or take action. Here we’ll break down any concerns or objections the reader may have about your company.

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Step 3 - Convert

Now that your customer has overcome any obstacles they may have had, it’s time to convert.

This is where a call to action is placed. Using a learn more button, positioned website link, or phone number will allow your customer to get past the ad and on the way to your website or business location.

Step 4 - Retarget

Some of your audience will take a little longer to go through the customer purchasing journey, that’s ok!

Retargeting is a method that allows advertisers to send the ad to anyone who has watched x% of your video. This allows you to give the potential customer a second chance to purchase your goods or services.

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