Creative Projects

Our first short documentary Life Lakota.

Belize - A Vativ Vision

Our vision for the beautiful country of Belize.

Red Bull Bracket Reel

With winning Red Bull’s 2016 Bracket Reel competition, Vativ’s Creative Director Jake Lamons and the Bozeman Sewer Mutants of Montana State University were offered a once-in-a-lifetime trip to go Heli Skiing in Haines, Alaska.

Torryd - Xenogenesis - Professional Kayaking

Vativ Media’s Creative Director Jake Lamons embarked on a road trip from Bozeman, Montana to the Pacific North West with the newly formed Torryd kayaking team and filmed Xenogenesis in a jam packed week full of stout waterfalls, pouring rain, and peanut butter filled burritos.

Penguins of the Cape

The endangered African Penguin’s population reached several million at the turn of the 20th century, and today their numbers have dropped to nearly 23,000 breeding pairs that can only be on the coasts of South Africa and Namibia. Vativ’s Creative Director Jake Lamons’ passion for penguins led him to Cape Town to help volunteer at SANCCOB, an organization determined to help save the African Penguin from going extinct in the wild of southern Africa.


“Northern” was Vativ’s Creative Director Jake Lamons first breakthrough as it was chosen as finalist at National Geographic Wild’s “Wild to Inspire” film contest and was premiered at the 2015 Sun Valley Film Festival in Sun Valley, Idaho. Jake went to school at Northern Michigan University where “Northern” was shot and was nominated for this accolade at the age of 18.

The Bozeman Sewer Mutants

The final installment to the Bozeman Sewer Mutant’s winning run in the 2016 Red Bull Bracket Reel. Skiing the back country of Montana eventually led the team to the top of the podium and a heli skiing trip in Haines, Alaska.